Core Values

Monticelli Painting and Decorating, Inc values their relationship with:

The founders for providing us the opportunity to grow and develop and believe that our ultimate success requires us to continue to provide like opportunities to all the employees of our organizations regardless of Union status.

Each Other for the trust and commitment to operating in the TEAM environment necessary to achieve our collective goals

Our suppliers and believe that this provides us with the updated product information necessary to maintain our competitive advantage

Our customers for the opportunity to work with them and their clients and believe by providing them with quality services and always exceeding their expectations, it will enhance our ability to achieve our goals

Our Union Painters, Foremen and Shop Personnel and believe they will always  make their BEST efforts to perform at the highest level and we commit to demonstrating the same respect toward them that we expect to demonstrate to all others on the various job sites

Monticelli Painting and Decorating, Inc. value our employees for their positive attitudes and their commitment to outstanding customer service. We are committed to treat all employees with the respect each deserves and expect all to treat others in the same fashion.

Monticelli Painting and Decorating, Inc. value the other job site contractors and believe that by respecting their roles and working together to complete each job, it enhances both organizations.

Monticelli Painting and Decorating, Inc. value the communities in which we work and commit to the highest possible level of environmental responsibility.




Monticelli Painting, established in 1985, is committed to providing the highest level of communication, quality craftsmanship and professionalism as we strive to meet our client’s needs.