Monticelli's Mission

Since its founding in 1985, Monticelli Painting has been committed to providing the highest level of communication, quality craftsmanship, and professionalism as we strive to meet our clients’ needs.  Our mission, quite simply, is to demonstrate that commitment every day, for every client.

Monticelli's Core Values

Integrity. Everything we do, everything we strive to be, is driven by our collective commitment to integrity. Guided by the examples set by our founders and current owners, we consider our relationships with our clients and suppliers as partnerships. And we believe our partners deserve transparency, honesty, and commitment – values that never fade.

Growth and Development. From its inception, Monticelli Painting has placed high value on providing its employees with opportunities for growth and development. We continue to believe that our ultimate success requires us to continue to provide such opportunities to all employees. As one of our owners simply stated, “our goal is to help our employees be better people.”

Appreciation. We highly value our relationships with:

  • Each other. Our collective success would not be possible without the positive attitudes, trust, and commitment to operating as a team, so we can fulfill our mission together and achieve our collective and individual goals.
  • Our suppliers. They provide us with the support and information that enables us to maintain our competitive advantage.
  • Our outstanding painters, foremen, and shop personnel. We are grateful for the commitment to perform at the highest possible levels and the mutual respect we share with them.
  • Our contractor partners. We share with them the belief that our collaborations enhance both their organizations and ours, to the benefit of our shared customers.
  • All of our customers, for the opportunity to work with them. We believe providing them with quality services and always exceeding their expectations enhances our ability to fulfill our mission.